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Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra

Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra is a hidden object game where you need to find musician dogs that are embarrassed to play their music. It’s like Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra, when you find them, they will play songs for you.

Developed by Enchant Games

Porting and Publishing on Nintendo Switch by Mens Sana Interactive

Available now for PC on Steam and in July/24 on Nintendo Switch.



Find them and create your own music!

Another Hidden Orchestra will be on tour! The puppies are clumsy, but they are musical!

The Shy Dogs Hidden Orchestra is a hidden object game with musical elements. It’s a sequel to the game Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra, where each hidden character found unlocks a new musical instrument inside each game’s level. Thus, you’ll be able to create your own songs as you find cute little dogs hidden by beautiful 2D cartoon backgrounds.

  • Explore ten more new levels in cartoon hand-drawn style.
  • Build ten new songs composed exclusively for the game.
  • Find 200 hidden shy puppies and special hints.
  • Solve a riddle in each level to enable the secret puppy.

Make your own music!

Hidden Objects Game

Challenge your observation skills

Game for Consoles / PC

Available on Nintendo Switch / Steam