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Railway Islands 2

Build safe train routes for passengers and packages across cozy and vibrant islands.

Developed by Rising Moon Games

Porting and Publishing on Nintendo Switch by Mens Sana Interactive

Available now for PC on Steam and in June/24 on Nintendo Switch.



Experience a minimalist railway puzzle game

Welcome to the long-awaited sequel of the beloved railway puzzle game!
Once again, you take on the role of managing railway lines in charming island settings, now with the added challenge of coordinating up to two trains to safely transport passengers and packages to their destinations. With shared railways, strategic route-building and proper railway switch placement are crucial to prevent collisions!
Experience a minimalist and soothing journey with a unique aesthetic:

– Solve puzzles across 40 distinct islands.
– Immerse yourself in a different setting for each season of the year.
– Enjoy satisfying and relaxing music and sound effects.

Unleash your creativity and problem-solving skills! Design your own islands and railways using the intuitive Level Editor.

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