Pathfinders: Memories 

Memory is the key. Use it to help Pathfinders travel through time visiting ancient human civilizations and search for relics. The path to success is full of entrapments, obstacles, and enemies. Memorize them and draw the safe path for our heroes.

Available for PC and Mac in Early Access on Steam

Developed by Mens Sana Interactive


An adventure through memory

Pathfinders are eager to know about human History. They have studied different civilizations of the past.
With the support of a scientist, they travel through space and time, visiting these ancient people in person.
Their objective is to collect relics from each civilization and create a museum of human memories.
To achieve this, they will have to go through dangerous paths, facing obstacles, entrapments and enemies.
Your role is to memorize these obstacles and draw a safe path for them.
Is your memory sharp enough to do that?

– In the Early Access version, there are three civilizations to visit. In the final version, there will be six different civilizations to visit, and three levels of difficulty.

– Checkpoints and flags can be used as markers to help you memorize the path. But you will earn a bonus if you don’t use them.
– You can earn optional coins in each level by going through more complex paths.


    A memory puzzle game

    Game for PC and Mac

    Available soon on Steam

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