Mini Words

721 words. That is enough to cover 90% of conversations in English.

Unscramble those words in Mini Words – a unique mix of puzzle, word search and hangman.

Available for PC and Mac on Steam

Developed by Mens Sana Interactive


Simple and challenging!

Quick facts on English language:

  • +600,000 words: English dictionary.
  • 30,000 words: average vocabulary of an adult educated in English.
  • 2800 words: cover 90% of texts and conversations for an ESL student.
  • 721 words: enough to cover 90% of conversations. Do you know them?

Discover the most used words in English in Mini Words, a unique mix of puzzle, word search and hangman, in a minimalist and relaxing environment, no distractions.
Unscramble them using all letters on the board, without repeating or crossing paths.

  • Simple to start: boards are small and words are easily recognized. But it won’t be easy to obtain all master achievements (in “no tips” mode!).
  • Ones learning English can practice vocabulary. Have all those classes been worth it?
  • But ones mastering the language have also the challenge to solve the puzzles. More advanced levels will test the skills of attention and logic problems solving.
  • 200+ levels and 700+ words.


A minimalist puzzle game

Game for PC and Mac

Available soon on Steam

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